The Shadow Order, a video game produced by Push Gaming

Take a Step Into the Darkness

The Shadow Order is a brand new online slot machine game brought to you by Push Gaming and available now at Videoslots Casino. The game was actually released a few months ago, but if you haven’t already played it, you will want to do so as soon as possible because it is refreshingly different to the majority of other games, and it has an interesting and mysterious premise that is brilliantly handled. If you haven’t already played it, you will want to do so because it is refreshingly different to most other games. Are you curious? Then continue reading, and we’ll provide additional information…

A Confidential Organization

The Shadow Order is a 5×5 cluster slot in which players are tasked with unraveling the mysteries surrounding a shadowy organization. This game is played on the grounds of the enormous country home that the mysterious organization in question likes to frequent for their gatherings, which is exactly what you would expect given that fact. The mansion in the background is beautifully designed, and the game board is flanked on either side by one of four different characters. Each of these individuals have a unique ability that can increase the amount of points you get in comparison to what you would earn if you were left to your own devices.

It is evident that a great deal of effort has been done to create a realistic atmosphere of tension and mystery. Both the graphics and the audio are of the greatest quality, and it is also clear that a lot of that care has been taken into account. Try playing the game in the dark with the volume turned all the way up for the most satisfying experience!

The Powerful Orbs

The Shadow Order includes three separate orbs, each of which possesses a unique ability that is activated when it is dropped onto one of the game’s “hotspots.” The Orb of Creation enables a number of wild symbols to be added to the reels, the Orb of Destruction causes low-value symbols to be removed from the reels, and the Orb of Preservation causes high-value symbols to become immobile on the reels.

Facets of a Person’s Personality

You start off with Molly the Messenger, who is one of four characters who can be acquired over the course of the game. Her unique skill consists in removing the initial row of the game grid in order to make room for an orb to enter the action. If you obtain a ring sign, a previously unavailable character will become available. Amarillo the Magister will hold high-value symbols and clear the others for a cascade of high-value symbols to appear. Billy the Gambler will change low-value symbols into better ones. Archie the Spy will replace a random symbol on each reel with a wild.

Free Turns/Spins

If you charge all three orbs, a round of free spins will be triggered for you. You will receive five free spins after this event, which will take place in the library of the mansion. During this round of the game, any orbs that appear will remain in place, and expanding multipliers could provide you with a substantial sum of money.

Infiltrate the Order of the Shadows.

The Shadow Order is a fantastic addition to the assortment of games that are offered at Videoslots Casino because it is not only amusing but also has the potential to be rewarding. Make your way over to the estate as soon as possible to get started solving its puzzles.

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