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---> Creating Job Security Resource Guide is not another advice book. It's an easy-to-use resource guide that gives you what you need in the quickest way possible. It’s perfect for new grads and experienced professionals alike. You could spend hours searching for the job leads and resources you need -- or worse risk falling victim to a scam website that leaves you with harmful cookies or malware. Your time is worth more! The 2nd edition of the Creating Job Security Resource Guide is your key to finding what you need right away. Save yourself the hassle, time and risk by ordering your copy today.

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Creating Job Security. 
Resource Guide – 
2nd Edition 

By Debra Yergen

ISBN: 9781595691927 (Book)
ASIN:  B004UT6556 (Amazon Kindle)

This conveniently-sized guide includes 130+ hot job resources, categorized by industry and featuring executive, general, freelance and stay-at-home Web sites. It includes the exclusive scoring model for turning experience, education, talents, and tools into viable career and business opportunities. The Green Light Scoring Model™ enables readers to evaluate career opportunities based on seven pre-determined elements for success: Income, Opportunity, Creativity, Feasibility, Flexibility, Stability, and Longevity. This simple but powerful resource guide empowers readers to create a short list of ideal jobs for them right now, along with the critical Web resources matching hiring companies with skilled and talented job seekers.

In addition to the "Creating Job Security" series, Debra Yergen is the author of "Real Life 101" and a lecturer with Kaplan University. She is a recognized subject matter expert on the jobs market and has been published in more than 25 magazines worldwide and interviewed by USA Today, The New York Times, Reader's Digest, CareerBuilder.com, CNN.com, Yahoo! Hot Jobs, ABCnews.com, Payscale.com, and others about creating job security.

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